Nicolette and Tyler’s Maternity Shoot by Chanel Bergsma


This was my first ever maternity shoot and so you can imagine how excited I was.  

I was privileged to photograph this lovely couple in the comfort of their beautiful home as this is where they would be most comfortable.

Nicolette and Tyler were very relaxed which made for photographs that truly reflected the essence of who they are.  

Natural light, moments of fun and detailed macro shots showing the details of the considered interiors are what made my first maternity shoot one to remember!

Caroline, Johan with Sunni and Charlie. by Chanel Bergsma

It was a joy to do a shoot for my very special friend who was out from Sweden.  We took these pics at Caroline’s childhood home, and feelings of nostalgia ignited a sense of delight as we set out into the garden and had a ball!

We even got Johan to get his guitar out and they all sang as a family, sitting on the grass together.  

It was a precious moment, a moment that reminded me why I love what I do!